Beware of Buying Foreclosures

Over the years, I have had many people wonder about buying foreclosures to get a good deal. Not only can it take a great deal of your time, because most of the sales require a Court confirmation to close and you many not end up being the ultimate buyer of the property. In this video, I discuss a specific sale in which four buyers purchasing a property as partners (all attorneys) could have have had a very bad day.

Does failing to plan mean planning to fail?

Earlier this week, it occurred to me how important planning is to success and how its’ lack leads to most failure.  In this video, I discuss how at NextHome KU Realty we collaborate to build solid executable plans for each of our associates.  Once the plan is put to paper, we then focus on it and pay attention those activities that lead to success.  With regular reviews, we are able to accelerate growth and avoid significant downturns.  Feel free to call me at 398-3220 if you would like to discuss your plan.