Impacts of Increased Interest Rates

Almost everyone knows that the Fed has increased interest rates and will continue to to do so for the short to mid-term future. I call this a transitional time because we are moving from historically low interest rates and, as I write, it is difficult to tell what all of the impacts of higher mortgage costs will be. In this video, I discuss some of what I see happening and I try to project what may happen. Feel free to call me to discuss how these rates may impact you.

Fuel To Drive The Oahu RE Market Higher?

Traditionally, the Oahu real estate market has been driven by the significant play of off shore buyers (Japanese, Canadian, Californian, Australian, Korean & Chinese). 99% of the sales on Oahu during the Covid years (2020 & 2021) were driven by local on island purchasers.

Now the travel has opened back up, could we expect a further run up in the market? Is there pent up demand by off shore buyers to make up for the missing the last two years? Could geo-politics make Oahu a safe haven for international funds? Time will tell…