A Quantum Leap!

At the beginning of 2017, I wasn’t looking for a national real estate franchise.   By accident I came across NextHome and my world began to change. I liked the logo and my morbid curiosity made me Google the company. The NextHome corporate website was clean, simple, professional and compelling. NextHome’s CEO James Dwiggins offers an introduction video at the NextHome.com and at the end of that short video it I felt as though he had summarized the way I’ve always thought a real estate company should be operated. The more I researched the company, the more I liked it. Then I looked into buying the franchise.

Charis Moreno is in charge of NextHome franchise sales, our initial conversation led me to want more information and she put me in contact with a number of current franchise owners. All of these real estate brokers were like me, successful and former owners of other national real estate franchises, all of them couldn’t think of one bad thing to say about NextHome.

It was time to get my wife involved and for me to present the case for considering owning a NextHome franchise. In the initial information gathering stages, I was hesitant to share it with her without having all of my own concerns addressed. Now that I was on board I wanted her former CPA mind to play devils advocate to my optimism. Guess what, she thought it was a fantastic opportunity! Charis made a comment regarding the type of person NextHome wanted as a franchisee that closed us on moving forward, she said “We don’t want and okole’s!” Call me if you want an explanation of okole.

Well, it has been 4 months since the decision was made and August 1st marked the transition from KU Realty, LLC to NextHome KU Realty. As I see it, NextHome KU Realty brings the best of KU Realty and adds a quantum step up in technology services, branding and support. After selling real estate since 1983, it is amazing to feel the energy this new opportunity brings to me, my clients, associates and Honolulu’s real estate market. I am excited to see the vision of a very special real estate come to fruition. Saddle up, buckle up, hang on and watch this grow!